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Graphic Design Services of Pixelfixer Inc.

Design for print makes up the biggest segment of our design portfolio below, but that's not all we can do!

Creativity spans quite a few disciplines around here and we've found ourselves working on many different parts of our clients' mix of marketing tools including copywriting, turnkey website design/maintenance, music, narration, and video production. It's quite the lifestyle.

Please have a look at the thumbnails and click on the image of the work you want to get a closer look at.

For more information about any of these projects, please contact Neil (204) 475-8865. Be sure to check back every so often as we will be posting new things to the site - as time permits!

Thanks for your interest in Pixelfixer Inc. We hope you enjoy your visit and our online presence. Don't forget to check out our Digital Images page!

Logo & Wordmark Design
  Logo Designs - various companies

1World/1Monde, Full Contact Sports Inc., Fast Air Medevac Services, PACE In Motion Fitness, Grand Slam Golf Odyssey, White Crane Martial Arts Apparel, Sportsman's Lodge Ltd., Wireless Odyssey (a concept), JS Dyna-Tech, David Faught Golf, Hole in One Golf Program, Journey Within Books, Rock College, Barefoot Property Maintenance, Tundra Property Maintenance (a concept).

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Brochure, Folder & Poster Design

Fast Air Medevac -
Trade Show One-Sheet

This involved finding room for a fair bit of text, plus images of the client's aircraft, aircraft ranges and superimposing a stethoscope on the model's shoulders.

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Niakwa Country Club -
Membership Promotion Package

Using photos of this gorgeous golf course and some stock imagery, we put together a beautiful folder and pre-printed blanks for information sheets on the inside. This allowed the client to update laser imprinted information as needed and maintain the appeal of full colour.

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Coming soon to the Pixelfixer website!
Investors Group -
Savouring Event/Leads Campaign

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Coming soon to the Pixelfixer website!
Investors Group -
Golf Program/Leads Campaign

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Investors Group -
Curling Clinic
s/Leads Campaign

Investors Group needed customizable posters and invitations to promote their "Adopt-a-Rink" Curling Clinic Program.

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Manitoba Orienteering Association –
Poster and Brochure

MOA required new promotional materials to reach a fragmented market of pre-teens already busy with other activities. Bright, colorful and fun - Orienteering is... your sport for life!

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Media Case Design (VHS, CD & DVD)

Church of The Rock –
Video Case Series

Four VHS and two (NEW!) DVD cases to date. Sometimes the cases parody popular movies that the Pastor asserts he hasn't watched!

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Website Design, Maintenance & Web Related Advertising

Sportsman's Lodge Ltd.

Check out this nice, neat and highly functional turnkey website we did for Ruffo Schindler and his fabulous American Plan fly-in fishing lodge in Saskatchewan. We've worked on every facet of this little gem, from coming up with the domain name and hand picking a webhost, to continuous maintenance and sizable quarterly updates. Have a look around— there's lots to look at, and more on the way!

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  Helen White TN

New as of January 2010!
Helen White, Musician:
Vocalist / Performer/ Educator

A highly expandable and functional turnkey website we did for Helen White, a local singer on the eve of her first full length CD release in January 2010. We worked on many facets of this one also, from advisory and planning to maintenance and monthly updates. We'll be able to say "We knew Helen when..."!

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Canadian World Class Adventures

This very small (and now unfortunately defunct) site was another turnkey job where we supplied a very quick and inexpensive, two-page web presence for the owners of a start-up wilderness adventure travel agency.

We also handled maintenance and updates.

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The Regent Bed & Breakfast

This site was created by the previous owner's webmaster and the new owners contacted us to handle maintenance and updates.

Warning: If you visit this site you may find yourself planning a trip to Amherst, Nova Scotia in the near future!

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Neil Keep, Vocalist

I love to sing and I needed a simple web presence to market my upcoming gigs. This is what I call a "minisite" as it utilizes URL forwarding and some unused webspace on the main Pixelfixer site.

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BackSpin Music and Fun
Email Ad and Landing Page

One of the bands I was in over the years needed a fun email ad and a landing page - one that would provide a simple link for reservations and inquiries.

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